Energy Efficiency Standards for State Buildings

Last updated: August 28, 2018

Program Overview

Implementing Sector:State
Category:Regulatory Policy
Incentive Type:Energy Standards for Public Buildings
Eligible Efficiency Technologies:Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building


Name:MCA § 17-7-213
Date Enacted:4/1/2009
Effective Date:4/1/2009
Name:High Performance Building Standards


In April 2009, the legislature passed S.B. 49, creating energy efficiency standards for state-owned and state-leased buildings. Energy efficiency building standards apply to new construction and major renovation projects for state-owned buildings and new construction projects for state-leased buildings. The buildings must exceed the effective International Energy Conservation Code by 20%, to the extent that it is cost effective.

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry was also required to develop high performance building standards, along with the Montana university system and other state agencies. These standards take into account energy performance, life-cycle performance, environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and building durability, functionality, and maintenance.

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