Efficiency United (Gas) - Commercial Efficiency Program

Last updated: November 27, 2019

Program Overview

Implementing Sector:Utility
Category:Financial Incentive
Incentive Type:Rebate Program
Web Site:http://www.efficiencyunited.com/
Administrator:CLEAResult Consulting
Utilities:Alger-Delta Coop Electric Assn, Alpena Power Co, Bayfield Electric Coop, Inc, Cloverland Electric Co-op, Village of Daggett, Indiana Michigan Power Co, City of Marquette, Midwest Energy Cooperative, Newberry Water & Light Board, Ontonagon County R E A, Presque Isle Elec & Gas Coop, City of Stephenson, Thumb Electric Coop of Mich, Tri-County Electric Coop, Upper Peninsula Power Co, Wisconsin Electric Power Co, Wisconsin Public Service Corp, City of Escanaba, Great Lakes Energy Coop
Eligible Efficiency Technologies:Clothes Washers, Equipment Insulation, Water Heaters, Furnaces, Boilers, Steam-system upgrades, Programmable Thermostats, Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls, Building Insulation, Motor VFDs, Processing and Manufacturing Equipment, Custom/Others pending approval, Other EE
Incentive Amount:Heating & Ventilation HVAC Boiler: $0.57-$0.75/MBH Process Steam Boiler: $0.30/MBH Process Hydronic Boiler: $0.48/MBH HVAC Steam Boiler: $0.15 - $0.45/MBH Furnace: $0.90/MBH - $1.20/MBH Condensing RTU: $0.96/MBH Infrared Heater/Pool Heater: $0.90/MBH Boiler Controls & Efficiency Improvement Boiler Modulation Burner Control: $0.15 - $0.39/MBH Boiler Water Reset Control: $0.20/MBH Oxygen Trim Control: $0.07 - $0.27/MBH Linkageless Boiler controls: $0.11 - $0.27/MBH Optimized Boiler Plant Sequencing: $0.21 - $0.48/MBH HVAC Boiler Stack Economizer: $0.15 - $0.33/MBH Process Boiler Stack Economizer: $0.27 - $0.69/MBH Automatic Steam Boiler Blowdown: $0.0075/gallons reduced Variable Frequency Drive: $2.70/HP Process Heating Ventilation Reduction: $0.45/CFM Energy & Heat Recovery Energy Recovery: $0.18 - $0.27/CFM Air Compressor Exhaust heat Recovery: $15/HP Air Distribution Systems CAV to VAV: $0.05/sq. ft. Destratification Fan: $0.18/sq. ft. Steam Trap Repair Steam Trap Repair: $90/trap Domestic Water Indirect Water Heater: $0.36 - $0.84/MBH HVAC Controls Demand Control Ventilation: $0.08 - $0.10/sq. ft. Enhanced Ventilation Control: $24/ton Hotel Guest Room Occupancy Sensor: $21/unit Energy Management System: $0.13/sq. ft. HVAC Occupancy Sensor: $0.018/sq. ft. Optimal Stop/Start on AHU: $0.08/sq. ft. Setback/Setup Controls: $0.02/sq. ft. School - Setback: $0.13/sq. ft. Smart Thermostat: $0.027/sq. ft. Building Envelope & Insulation Loading Dock Door Infiltration Seal: $75 - $150/door Loading Dock Leveler Ramp Pit Air Seal: $21 - $96/ramp Flar Roof Insulation: $0.003 - $0.024/sq. ft. Wall & Ceiling Insulation: $0.045 - $0.33/sq. ft. Pipe Insulation: $0.39 - $6/ln. ft. Process Valve: $4.20 - $16.50/valve Process Hydronic Strainer: $2.10/valve Process Strainer/Steam Trap: $5.40/valve Kitchen Equipment Fryer: $180 - $210/unit Steam Cooker: $720 - $750/unit Combination Oven: $150/unit Convection Oven: $120/unit Rack Oven: $375 - $780/unit Griddle: $54/unit Pre-Rinse Sprayer: $24/unit Refrigerator Waste Heat Recovery: $34 0 $39/ton Batch Broiler with Catalyst: $495/unit Pasta Cooker: $495/unit Dishwasher: $27 - $390/unit Clothes Washer: $18/unit Agriculture Grain Dryer: $0.013/bushels/year Grain Dryer Heat Recovery: $0.009/bushels/year Dairy Water Heater: $21/unit Greenhouse Heat Curtain: $0.05/sq. ft. Greenhouse Infrared Film: $0.04 - $0.09/sq. ft. Under-Floor/Under-Bench Hydronic Heating: $0.07 - $0.12/sq. ft. Greenhouse Environmental Controls: $0.07/sq. ft. Custom Projects: $0.40/Therms
Maximum Incentive:See program website for details
Equipment Requirements:See program website
Installation Requirements:See program website.


Technologies:Custom/Others pending approval
Sectors:Commercial, Industrial, Federal Government
Parameters:The incentive is 0.40 $/therm


The Efficiency United Program, administered by CLEAResult Consulting, provides commercial gas incentives for the following Michigan utilities:

Efficiency United
Michigan Gas Utilities
Semco Energy
Wisconsin Public Service Corp
XCEL Energy

The "Michigan Public Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act" (Public Act 295 passed in 2008) provided original authorization to create utility energy efficiency programs across the state. Commercial and industrial (C&I) customers can participate in prescriptive programs that provide incentives for the installation of energy-efficient products and equipment. Reduced energy use from peak shaving, demand limiting, fuel switching, power generation, or operating schedule changes does not qualify. To qualify, equipment must operate a minimum of 1,500 hours per year. Applicants can complete online forms with attachments of invoices and all project costs and contact their local power company for more information or an application. Incentive dollar amounts are based upon the annual forecasted reduction at the time of project pre-approval.

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