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Welcome to HahaSmart Privacy Policy page.

HahaSmart considers the privacy of its users with great importance. HahaSmart understands and values that each person accessing the website expects personal information to stay confidential. This page serves as an informative section pertaining to our discretion towards the personal information provided by user. HahaSmart explains below the circumstances in which the information is collected, used, transferred, stored, disclosed, and protected.

Prior to accessing and providing information to HahaSmart, it is important for users to familiarize themselves with the content of Privacy Policy disclosure.

By visiting or any other websites linked to the HahaSmart domain (the “website”), the user accepts and consents to the methods and practices described in this Privacy Policy. This Policy applies only to the Users registered with HahaSmart, including homeowners, business owners, and installers. This policy is also prone to change, once an alteration is made to the content, and notification or a note will be posted to the website, with the option for the users to re-read and re-familiarize themselves with the updated and overall content.

Website Usage:

As an unregistered user, the visitor may browse through the website without the need to disclose any personal information. Once the user registers the user attains access to more content provided by the website. The content includes but is not limited to: maps, applications, mobile applications, e-mail services, calculators, estimators, ratings, reviews, and other private information provided by other users and third party vendors. Once the visitor registers in the website personal information like, name, username, e-mail address, passwords, phone number(s), address as part of the registration. This information will be used solely for providing the best service for the user, and connect the users with demanded services. In order to provide the best service HahaSmart may use and disclose the user’s personal information with Installers, , independent contractors, finance companies, manufacturers, and other necessary third party vendors. The user’s information will be shared to provide project pricing, quotations, marketing, and other products and services pertaining to bettering the user’s experience to the best personal interpretation of HahaSmart.

If an Unregistered user seeks a quotation, then the user also understands that HahaSmart may share the information of the address and other private information shared with HahaSmart throughout the process, even if the registration is not completed. Once a registered or unregistered user visits the information provided automatically is stored in the memory of the server, and it permits HahaSmart to utilize the information to the best knowledge to service and provide necessary services to the user. The best service, as referenced above, is left to the interpretation of HahaSmart with the reserved decision to evaluate the best usage of the personal information as seen by the company. HahaSmart will also send e-mails and newsletters to registered users automatically, unless the user unsubscribes. Unregistered users will not receive e-mails unless the user checks the box with the request to receive content from HahaSmart.

Private Info Usage:

In order to provide the best service to the users of, HahaSmart will potentially use user’s information in order to confirm and track orders, contact the user via e-mail, mail, or phone, in order to provide the most effective service. HahaSmart will also use the information provided by registered and unregistered users to respond to users regarding inquiries, converse with users to understand the demographics, preferences, interests, demands, and services needed. The users and visitors may also be contact through the privately provided information in order to be notified of any changes, progress, product offers, marketing, website services, promotional offers, and other necessary information that HahaSmart will find important for the view and correspondence of the users.

HahaSmart may use the private information provided to share with Service providers partnered, for optimal customer service. Special events, certain third party partners, law enforcements, and other businesses may also attain the user’s information if they provide a valid reason (validity will be determined by HahaSmart) and that it the reason is for the bettering the situations. Each registered user will be provided a way to offer comments, suggestions, improvements to better HahaSmart, the information will not be held against the personal relations – and all recommendations are welcomed.

HahaSmart is committed to incorporate suggestions and constantly improves the methods where necessary. HahaSmart also secures the information from open display by offering hidden character option when providing information like payments methods, names, and other personal information.

Non-Personal Info:

“Cookies” code method is used in order to perform operations with HahaSmart. The website browser utilizes the user’s “Cookies” to store the confidential information. It is the user’s responsibility to keep the files and the access to “cookies” secure to avoid any outside tampering with the information. “Cookies” do not have to be installed and enabled an the personal station, however the absence of cookies on the user’s hard drive may tamper and limit the access certain utilities, resources, or services which are available on the website.

Please note that HahaSmart uses Google Analytics and similar web analytics services for performance. Google Analytics is used to track Unregistered Users on the Site, to record multiple visits by Unregistered Users to the Site, and to record all the pages that Unregistered Users visit at the Site. If an Unregistered User becomes a Registered User, all of his or her previous Unregistered User visits and activity on the Site will be associated with their Registered User identities. Google Analytics tracks Registered Users visits to the website whenever they return. This information will remain private property of HahaSmart in order to provide best privacy for the website users, and at the same time to keep the website safe.

Restrictions: Children

If the visitor or user is under 18, you may use the HahaSmart website only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. If a user becomes aware that a child has provided HahaSmart with personal information without consent, please contact us at . HaHaSmart does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13. If HahaSmart becomes aware that a child under 13 has provided us with personal information, we take steps to remove such information and terminate the child's account.