Anthem Announces Solar Power Purchase Agreement to Move Company Closer Towards 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goal

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Anthem has announced that they are one step their 100% renewable energy goal. The company has signed a power purchase agreement to buy solar power from various solar installations.

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Anthem Announces Solar Power Purchase Agreement to Move Company Closer Towards 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goal

Hanover County-based solar energy development to generate more than 45,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year to help power Anthem offices and data centers

In 2019, Anthem, Inc. (NYSE: ANTM) made the commitment to invest in and source 100 percent renewable energy by 2025. As a key step in that strategy, Anthem has announced it has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement with SunEnergy1, a top U.S. solar power developer, owner and operator of utility-scale solar installation projects. The agreement is for the output from a new 182-acre (20-megawatt) solar installation field located in Hanover County, Virginia.

The Hanover County solar installation field is nearly complete and expected to be fully operational later this year. Combined with an additional solar installation field in North Carolina coming online in early 2021, Anthem will have supported the development of more than 1,000 acres of solar panels that will generate more than 225,000-megawatt hours of solar power per year.

The Virginia and North Carolina solar installation field locations were selected based on Anthem’s material load (major office and data center footprint) in the grid zone that includes both states. Anthem expects the solar installation field developments to generate enough renewable energy to power all Anthem offices and data centers across the country.

"As we enter Climate Week, we’re celebrating an important step forward in achieving our renewable energy goal and are proud that Virginia is playing a large role as we increasingly focus on improving the sustainability of our operations and our business," said Jeff Ricketts, president, Anthem Blue and Blue Shield in Virginia. "By addressing environmental health, we can improve lives and the health of communities in our state and across the country and set the example for others to follow."

Not only is clean energy good for the environment, it is good for business. Anthem is proud to be a part of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s work to advance clean energy in the Commonwealth. Today, Governor Northam visited the Anthem solar energy development and spoke to his administration’s work to promote a healthier environment and address climate change.

"Clean energy will power the future, and Virginia is leading the way," said Governor Ralph Northam, who signed the Virginia Clean Economy Act into law earlier this year. The new law is one of the most sweeping clean energy laws in the country, promoting energy efficiency, setting a schedule for closing old fossil fuel power plants, and requiring electricity to come from 100 percent renewable energy such as solar panels or wind. "Since I took office, our administration has worked constantly to create new clean energy opportunities, and to make sure that Virginia is at the forefront of clean energy innovation. Virginia will power the grid with 100 percent clean energy in the years to come, thanks to this transformative new law and a comprehensive energy plan. It's good to see employers like Anthem choose renewable energy, and we congratulate them on being part of the solution."

"Today’s announcement is one important step to achieving our goal of 100 percent renewable energy," said Ricketts. "We know there is much work to do in the future and our hope is we can continue to impact change and set an example for the entire healthcare industry."

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