Hanwha Q Cells to Offer to Offer Its Most Powerful Solar Panels in Europe

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The South Korea-based solar manufacturer Hanwha Q Cells, is debuting three of the most powerful products in Europe. The three news solar panels are all going to be based on its Q.antum Duo Z Technology.

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Hanwha Q Cells to Offer to Offer Its Most Powerful Solar Panels in Europe

South Korea-based solar manufacturer Hanwha Q Cells said this week that it will soon start offering its three most powerful products in Europe.

The solar company that the three solar panels are all based on its Q.antum Duo Z technology, which it claims can improve solar panel efficiency by 4%, in relative terms, primarily by reducing the spaces between solar cells.

The most powerful of the three solar modules, the Q.Peak Duo XL-G9.3, is available in five versions, with solar power outputs ranging from 440 W to 480 W and efficiencies of 19.7% to 20.6%, according to its product sheet. The solar panel’s short-circuit current is from 10.59 to 10.70 ampere and its open circuit voltage from 53.1 and 52.25 volts. It measures 2,163 mm × 1,030 mm × 35 mm and weighs 25.5 kg.

In addition, the Q.Peak Duo XL-G9.3 can operate with a maximum solar power system voltage of 1,500 V and an ambient operating temperature of -40 C to 85 C. The solar company claims the Q.Peak Duo XL-G9.3 is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial solar panel installation projects, as well as ground-mounted solar panel installation projects.

The Q.Peak Duo ML-G9 series, which the solar company recommends for residential and C&I rooftop projects, ranges from 375 W to 395 W and is also available in five variants. It has an efficiency rating of up to 20.8% and measures 1,840 mm × 1,030 mm × 32 mm. It weighs in at 19.5 kg.

The Q.Peak Duo ML-G9 line’s short-circuit current is from 10.62 to 10.74 ampere and its open circuit voltage from 44.96 and 45.10 volt. It can operate with a maximum system voltage of 1,000 V.

The Q.Peak Duo BLK-G9 line, meanwhile, offers solar power outputs ranging from 325 W to 345 W, but is designed for residential solar panel installation projects. The solar module measures 1,673 mm × 1,030 mm × 32 mm and weighs 17.5 kg, with efficiencies ranging from 18.9% to 20.0%. It can also operate with a maximum system voltage of 1,000 V. Its short-circuit current ranges from 10.36 to 10.49 ampere and its open-circuit voltage is 40.80 V to 40.94 V.

All three product lines include 12-year product warranties and 25-year linear performance guarantees. In addition, they all feature MC4-compatible connectors and junction boxes with an IP 68 rating.

“Additional innovations featured in the Q.antum Duo Z range include using 12 rounded wires to connect the cells, and also bigger wafers measuring 161.7 mm in dimension,” Hanwha Q Cells said.

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