Kstar Unveils 1,100 V String Inverter

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The solar manufacturer, Kstar has introduced a new line of string solar inverters. The new solar inverters are 1,100 V for both industrial and commercial solar panel installations.

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Kstar Unveils 1,100 V String Inverter

Shenzhen Kstar Science and Technology has unveiled KSG-150UM/KSG-120CL, a new line of 1,100 V string solar inverters for industrial and commercial solar panel installations.

There are two versions of the product, with 121 kW and 150 kW of AC output and efficiency of a solar inverter ratings ranging from 98.7% to 99.0%. The European efficiency of a solar inverter ratings for the two variants are 98.3% and 98.5%.

The solar inverters measure 1,055 x 700 x 336 mm, with the 150 kW version weighing 110 kg and the 121 kW device coming in at 96 kg. They have 12 maximum power point tracking (MPPT) channels and 24 string solar inverter inputs. MPPT voltage ranges from 200 V to 1,000 V, while the MPPT efficiency purportedly stands at 99.9%. The solar inverters have an ambient operating temperature ranging from -25 C to 60 C.

Kstar says the devices feature an active arcing protection function that can accurately detect arc faults and force the inverters to shut down within 2.5 seconds. The Chinese solar inverter supplier said the new products also include a built-in PID recovery module and an anti-PID module that can prevent potential induced degradation (PID).

“To guarantee higher reliability, the inverter is equipped with high precision RCD protection circuit, which helps to secure personal safety,” Kstar said.

The solar inverters rely on an advanced monitoring & O&M platform to simplify maintenance work. “Moreover, IP66 protection and C5 corrosion protection design guarantee that the inverter is operated under almost all environment conditions,” the solar manufacturer said.

Kstar has been selling the new products throughout the world since the beginning of this month. It also recently launched a 1,500 V string inverter, an all-in-one residential solar battery inverter solution, and a new solar inverter series for rooftop solar panel installation.

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