Enphase and Sonnenstromfabrik Unveil AC Solar Panel

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A new AC solar panel is hitting the solar power market. Enphase and the German solar panel manufacturer, Sonnenstromfabrik, have partnered together to debut a new residential AC solar module.

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Enphase and Sonnenstromfabrik Unveil AC Solar Panel

US-based microinverter maker Enphase and German PV solar panel manufacturer Sonnenstromfabrik have launched a new AC residential product for the European residential solar power market.

The 60-cell PERC monocrystalline solar module is available in three versions with power output ranging from 320 to 330 W and efficiencies of 18.8% to 19.4%.

The Enphase Energized AC solar module (ACM) is covered with 2 x 2 mm double glass laminate which the solar company claims is highly protective again microcracks, moisture and degradation. “The ACM’s anti-reflective glass ensures outstanding performance with up to 5% more yield and optimum light output of the solar modules, even in low light conditions,” the two companies said.

With a weight of 22 kg, the solar panel features an MC4-compatible connector and a junction box with an IP 67 rating.

Open circuit voltage varies from 40.22 V, for the 320 W solar panel, to 40.60 V for the 330 W version, according to the solar panel manufacturer. The solar panels can be used in PV solar power systems with a maximum voltage of 1,000 V. The solar panel manufacturer offers a 30-year solar power output guarantee for 87.0% of the initial yield.

The module also features Enphase IQ 7+ microinverters with a 96.5% European efficiency and 295 volt-amperes (VA). It is also equipped with two-wire Enphase Q Cable, Enphase Envoy-S gateway and Enphase Envoy-S metered gateway with split-core current transformers for production and consumption monitoring.

The new product, Enphase went on to say, is able to ensure improved capital management, reduced labor costs, simplified design, and faster solar panel installation times. It is currently available in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

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