New 1,500 V String Inverter From Growatt

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The Chinese solar manufacturer Growatt has unveiled a new 1,500 V string solar inverter.

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New 1,500 V String Inverter From Growatt

Chinese solar inverter maker Growatt unveiled a new 1,500 V string solar inverter solution at the recent SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai.

Called MAX185~253KTL3HV, the new solar inverter solution is compatible with bifacial solar panels and high power solar modules and its smart functions, such as smart I-V diagnosis, help solar panel plant owners make O&M easier and reduce costs, the solar manufacturer claims.

The transformer-free product is available in four different versions with nominal power of 185 to 253 kW. Efficiency for all devices is 99.0% and European efficiency for the solar inverters with 185, 216 and 200 kW of power is 98.7%, while the European rating for the 253 kW solar inverter is 98.5%.

According to the product sheet, the solar inverter has dimensions of 1120 by 670 by 360 mm and a weight ranging from 95 to 109 kg, depending on its size. It features up to 15 independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) inputs, with MPPT voltage ranging from 500-1500 V.

The solar inverter can be used at a maximum operating altitude of 4,000 meters and its operating ambient temperature ranges from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius. The series also features IP66 enclosures. Product warranty ranges from five to 10 years, depending on a project’s characteristics.

“The MAX 1500V inverter aims to lower LCOE and achieve higher yields for clients,” said a Growatt spokesperson.

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