JinkoSolar Takes Tiger Pro Max Output to 610W with New N-Type Version

PV TechAugust 12, 20201011


JinkoSolar has just unveiled its next generation of solar panels. The 610W N-Type Tiger Pro solar module at SNEC 2020.  

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JinkoSolar Takes Tiger Pro Max Output to 610W with New N-Type Version

JinkoSolar has unveiled its next generation, 610W N-Type Tiger Pro solar module at SNEC 2020.

The leading ‘Solar Module Super League’ (SMSL) member launched the new product which uses Jinko’s proprietary N-Type HOT 2.0 high efficiency solar cell technology to boost its solar power output.

The solar panel uses large-area N-type monocrystalline silicon solar cells which late last month achieved a new record conversion efficiency of a solar panel of 24.79%. The full PV Tech story on the efficiency of a solar panel record can be read here, however Jinko added that the solar cells use HOT tunneling layer passivated contact and advanced metallization solar technologies.

The module also uses a 78-cell design with tiling ribbon technology to help reduce gaps between solar cells, improve solar power system capability and lower the cost of electricity produced.

Jinko said the product represented “another milestone” for the solar power industry in its bid to achieve grid parity which Jin Hao, CTO at JinkoSolar, described as “the goal the industry has always been striving for”.

“We will increase our investment in R&D to ensure constant innovation in our technology, improve our products performance, and ensure the highest system compatibility. This will allow us to fulfil our commitment to offer the best service to our global customers and to allow the application of our solar modules in a variety of scenarios, further empowering the solar PV industry and achieving grid parity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jinko also used this year’s SNEC exhibition to unveil the first version of its coloured building integrated (BIPV) solar panels, which have a solar power output of up to 550W. The solar company said the solar modules will be available in different colours and levels of translucency to be incorporated into modern architecture.  

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