Residential Storage Solution With LG Chem Battery, SolarEdge Inverter

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LG Chem has added SolarEdge’s have joined together to create a solar inverter with a backup solar battery.

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Residential Storage Solution With LG Chem Battery, SolarEdge Inverter

South Korean battery manufacturer LG Chem has incorporated SolarEdge‘s single-phase Energy Hub Inverter and backup interface in its 400 V residential lithium-ion solar battery RESU 10H.

“The Energy Hub Inverter and RESU pairing with a generator can reach up to 28kW of power and 60kWh of storage,” LG Chem stated. “This cutting-edge solution is scalable while maintaining efficiency, to support any size household.”

The 5 kW RESU 10H battery offers 9.8 kWh storage capacity. The incorporation of SolarEdge’s solar inverters can optimize the storage systems with a 90.8% combined system efficiency and 200% DC oversizing, the company claims. The battery measures 744 x 907 x 206 mm and weighs 99.8 kg. The voltage range is between 430 and 450 V.

The SolarEdge solar inverter has a maximum efficiency of 99.2% and a rated AC power of 3 kW to 7.6 kW.

“SolarEdge’s Energy Hub Inverter rating requires fewer components in the system design which increases the aesthetics but reduces the complexity of the installation,” LG Chem said. “The Energy Hub Inverter also provides homeowners the ability to monitor both solar production and energy storage through an all-encompassing app, called mySolarEdge.”

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