Jinko Claims 24.79% Efficiency for N-Type Monocrystalline Cell

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JinkoSolar achieved a 24.79% conversion efficiency of a solar cell. This new achievement beat the Chinese solar manufacturer’s previous world record that they set back in January.

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Jinko Claims 24.79% Efficiency for N-Type Monocrystalline Cell

Chinese solar manufacturer JinkoSolar has achieved 24.79% conversion efficiency for an n-type, TOPCon, monocrystalline-silicon cell.

The solar company says the result, certified by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin, is a world record for a large-size, contact-passivated cell. Jinko broke its own record in January, when it hit 24.2% efficiency of a solar cell.

In May 2018, Jinko’s best device had a reported efficiency of a solar cell of 23.95%, up from the 23.45% recorded in November 2017. Those landmarks were both certified by the Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems Quality Test Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The latest Jinko cell features a 267.72cm2 monocrystalline silicon substrate grown using the Czochralski method.

The solar manufacturer said it had applied several technologies to get the result, including passivating contacts, an advanced diffusion system, surface passivation and an advanced anti-reflection technique. Material upgrades were also integrated into the cell process, said Jinko. “The record-breaking monocrystalline silicon solar cell will be gradually applied to product production,” said the solar company.

In January, Jinko said its cell was based on its HOT design and featured tunnel-oxide passivating contact (TOPCon) technology.

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