Jinko Solar Raises Q4 2019 Guidance by 14%

PV MagazineMarch 6, 2020540


Jinko Solar is raising it’s fourth-quarter guidance slightly after shipping close to 200 MW of solar panels more than expected. Though the difference between shipments wasn’t too much, the solar company’s revenue is expected to be significant.

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Jinko Solar Raises Q4 2019 Guidance by 14%

Jinko Solar will raise its fourth-quarter guidance slightly after shipping around 200 MW more than it expected in the three months to the end of December, based on preliminary earnings estimates.

For the full year, the Chinese PV solar panel manufacturer had expected to ship between 14.0 GW and 14.2 GW, but it has raised that estimate to between 14.3 GW and 14.4 GW. In its guidance for the fourth quarter, the solar company said that it likely shipped 4.5 GW to 4.6 GW of solar power capacity, from an initial estimate of 4.2 GW to 4.4 GW.

While the difference in solar panel shipments only came down to a few hundred megawatts, the impact of the deals on the solar company’s revenue will likely be significant. In the fourth quarter, Jinko Solar was initially aiming for $1.17 billion to $1.23 billion of revenue. But last-minute deals at the end of the year drove this estimate up by 14% to between $1.35 billion and $1.38 billion.

Jinko Solar also reiterated its earnings outlook for 2020. It expects to ship about 18 GW to 20 GW of solar panels this year, which is about 4 GW to 6 GW above its full-year forecast for 2019.

“The efficient execution of our strategy throughout the second half of the year allowed us to rapidly transition our operations and facilities from poly to mono production and steadily increase the proportion of products made through our fully integrated manufacturing process,” said CEO Kangping Chen.

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