LONGi Planning 40 GW Mono Wafer Expansion AS 100 GW Capacity Target Looms

PV TechJanuary 6, 2020994


The solar company LONGi, which is the largest monocrystalline solar wafer produce, has signed an agreement to build a 20 GW solar wafer manufacturing plant in Chuxiong, Yunnan.

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LONGi Plans to Expand Solar Wafer Manufacturing Capacity

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co, the largest monocrystalline solar wafer producer, has signed a new agreement to build a new 20GW solar wafer manufacturing plant in Chuxiong, Yunnan province with further plans to expand solar power capacity to 40GW in the future.

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co, the largest monocrystalline solar wafer producer, has signed a new agreement to build a new 20GW solar wafer manufacturing plant in Chuxiong, Yunnan province with further plans to expand capacity to 40GW in the future. 

LONGi has signed an investment agreement with Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture for an initial 20GW mono solar wafer manufacturing plant that LONGi is expected to invest around RMB 2.0 billion (US$286 million) in solar panel manufacturing equipment

The solar company had recently announced further mono ingot expansions for 2020 and beyond. The latest solar wafer expansion plans are in-line with those separate expansions to keep balanced capacity of bot ingots and solar wafers. 

However, the latest solar wafer manufacturing expansion plans at Chuxiong include the expected further expansion of the new facility to 40GW. LONGi did not provide timelines for the latest solar wafer expansions in China. 

As with previous ingot and wafer expansions, LONGi is relying on hydro-electric power for its energy needs at the new facilities. 

Chuxiong is a major solar wafer manufacturing hub for LONGi, having already established two 10GW facilities at the location in 2016 and 2018. 

The latest solar wafer manufacturing expansion plans indicate that LONGi is preparing to take solar wafer production capacity beyond 100GW as plans are already in place to expand capacity to around 65GW in 2021. 

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