Tesla Release Giant New Home Solar-Powered System

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Tesla’s new home solar-powered systems have hit the market. The new solar panel installation is 15.4 kW a suitable for 4,000+ sq ft homes. This comes in the wake of Tesla’s attempt to revamp its solar power business.

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Tesla Release Giant New Home Solar-Powered System

Tesla has released a giant new version of its latest home solar-powered system – a 15.4 kW solar-powered system suitable for 4,000+ sq ft homes.

Over the last few months, Tesla has been trying to revamp its solar power business.

More recently, Tesla launched a new solar panel rental service under which homeowners can get a solar panel installation for just $50 per month.

They have also launched a new commercial solar power online ordering platform.

The solar company has been making its pricing simpler, more transparent, and they have been pushing the solar energy products more actively.

Tesla has now updated its home solar panel installation offering with a giant new solar energy rooftop option with a 15.2 kW capacity:

The solar company calls it the ‘X-Large’ option and describes it as suitable for 4,000+ sq ft homes:


15.2 kW – for . 4,000+ sq ft home

- Produces an average of 58-77 kWh of solar power per day

- Best suited for a home with an average electric bill of $340-$460 /mo

It’s a 33% increase over Tesla’s previous biggest home solar power options, which are 3.8 kW (small), 7.6 kW (medium), and 11.4 kW (large).

Unlike Tesla’s “Solar Roof”, these solar-powered systems are using more traditional solar panels and not solar tiles.

In California, Tesla’s new biggest solar-powered system costs $39,093 before solar incentives. After solar incentives, it can go down to $27,365.

It adds up to a cost of $1.80 per watt.

Tesla is also offering the solar-powered system under its new no-contract “solar power subscription” program for just $195 per month.

Again, that’s a quite large solar-powered system for larger homes and the solar company estimates that it is best suited for homes with an average electric bill of $340 to $460 per month.

This is the latest update in Tesla’s revamping of its solar energy business.

Tesla also recently launched the third version of its solar roof tiles and started to ramp-up solar panel installations.

In a recent email to Tesla employees, CEO Elon Musk listed “accelerating the rate of solar installations” as one of Tesla’s “two most critical priorities” for the end of the year.

The CEO says that Tesla Energy is becoming a distributed global utility and it could even outgrow Tesla’s automotive business.

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