The REC Group Launches the new Alpha Series Solar Panels at SPI 2019

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REC Solar has had a very exciting year. At Solar Power International 2019, they launched REC Alpha, which is the highest efficiency 60-cell solar panel on the market. The solar company believes that they are going to shake things up with the new Alpha series while having a lot of fun for the remainder of this year and next year.

CEO of REC solar, Steve O’Neill, has been looking forward to launching this solar panel series for over four years now, and his dreams finally became a reality. At Solar Power International 2019, O’Neill got to introduce, for the very first time in the United States, the REC Alpha Series.

The Alpha Series is REC’s new, revolutionary, high-performance solar panel for rooftops. REC claims this is the world’s most powerful 60-cell solar panel.

REC used leading technology from Europe and Singapore, are revolutionary new cell design and they put it all together in a patented solar panel. They invested $150 million in a brand new, industry 4.0 fab in Singapore. The result will be 600 megawatts annually of the best choice premium product for rooftop solar panel installation customers worldwide.

This new solar panel is expected to fundamentally change the competitive balance in the solar power industry and generate power at a rate beyond what is commercially available today. By offering such a high-value solar panel, REC continues to drive energy autonomy and empowering homeowners, business owners, and communities, with cutting edge technology that truly reduces their electricity bills.

The REC Alpha Series is a trailblazing win-win opportunity for REC partners and for their rooftop solar panel installation customers who seek the very best and who want to make a difference for the next generation.

The technology of the Alpha Series is uniquely designed by DR. Shankar Sridhara. Sidhara believes that REC perfectly walks the fine line between these proverbs; “he who hesitates is lost” and “look before you leap”.

The REC Alpha Series is expected to achieve 380 watts with 60 cells. 380 watts means 20% more solar power compared to any mainstream solar panel on the solar power market today. This will also translate to 217 watts of solar power per square meter, which is a tremendous added value (especially because rooftop space is limited).

REC is achieving this solar energy breakthrough by combing heterojunction cell technology, with half-bred cell technology, and a unique and innovative interconnection solar panel technology.

HIJT combines the benefits of crystalline silicon with thin-film technology, then by boosting the efficiency of a solar panel and consuming far less energy, which is better for the environment.

For more information on how these technologies work, click here!

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