S5! PV Kit 2.0 Product Explanation

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S5! PV Kit 2.0 Product Explanation

S5 is the metal roof attachment (solar mounting hardware) company, you can attach anything to your metal roof with S5’s products. Director of Distributor Development David Stahler discussed S5’s PV kit 2.0 and about attaching the solar panel installation with direct-attach versus attaching with rail.

When you attach a solar-powered system with a PV kit 2.0 you are using the rib of the roof as the rail. This will cut out the need for rails, lowering the cost of solar because you aren’t going to need to pay for the shipping cost of the rails. PV kit 2.0 will also reduce the solar panel installation time.

The PV kit 2.0 allows you to attach directly, there will be a cost of solar savings in terms of labor and shipping and it is a very clean way to attach a solar-powered system to your roof. You will also be able to attach all of your ancillary products, regardless if it’s solar power inverters, conduit runs, combiner boxes, junction boxes, and even satellite dishes. Anything you need to attach from a solar-powered system perspective or just from an attachment perspective you can use S5 products.

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