New SMA Sunny Boy Smart Inverter for 2020

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New SMA Sunny Boy Smart Inverter for 2020

SMA debuted, all of the latest and greatest solar energy products for residential, commercial and utility markets at Solar Power International 2019. SMA had a lot to talk about in terms of its power-plus solution.

The power-plus solution is SMA’s residential solar panel installation offering. The newest updates to the unit this year include a couple of really interesting benefits that speed up the solar panel installation process. Their new updates speed up the installation of a solar-powered system by about 50% in comparison to other leading brands.

Paramount among these new enhancements is the TS4-R-F. This is going to be a module-level device that pairs with the Sunny Boy and allows for the module-level shutdown. It is SunSpec compatible and works on the SunSpec communications protocol. It is the fastest, easiest way to achieve compliance with NEC 690.12 module-level shutdown, it’s very, very simple.

The TS4 line also includes two other module-level devices; the -S and the -O. The -S is for security, it gives you additional benefits of module-level monitoring. The -O is full optimization, if you need something with a complex orientation (multiple roof orientation, heavy shade on multiple strings), you can use an optimizer. If no optimizer is needed, SMA has what is called Shape Fix, which is string level optimization. It is an optimization that happens in the solar power inverter and will take care of any minor to moderate shade.

There are several enhancements with the Sunny Boy solar power inverter that have been done this year. They also have an integrated wall bracket. There’s no additional wall bracket to hang your mount. The mount is manufactured into the solar power inverter, so the solar power inverter hangs very easily and simply.

SMA also has its next-generation AFCI, which is a new technology that makes AFCI much more reliable and results in fewer callbacks for solar installers.

In terms of service, the Sunny Boy solar power inverter is SMA smart connected. A solar installer can choose to sign up for SMA smart connected, and that’s where SMA is essentially monitoring the solar-powered system 24/7. If there’s an error code or an event that happens with the solar power inverter, SMA automatically notifies the solar installer or the homeowner. If it requires an RMA or a new solar-powered system, SMA will do that automatically. This will help solar installers cut their truck roles in half, which is a very powerful benefit.

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