Hanwha Q-Cells Introduces the New Q.Peak Duo-G6 Module at SPI 2019

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Hanwha Q-Cells Introduces the New Q.Peak Duo-G6 Module at SPI 2019

The Q.Peak Duo-G6 Module is Q-Cells’ top residential solar panel. The solar panels are manufactured in Dalton, Georgia. It has high efficiency of a solar panel of 19.5% and goes up to 345 Watts. The solar panel is a black-on-black solar panel, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing modules.

The G6 Solar Panels differ from the G5 Solar panels by the efficiency of a solar panel and the solar power class, along with a little bit of technology differentiation. The G6 solar panels are a little bit size dimensional, but it’s mostly the wafer and the technology inside that gets it up to 345 Watts of solar power.

This is considered the BMW (since it is German engineered) of Q-Cells solar panels, with the most competitive pricing in the solar power industry today.

The solar panels are manufactured in a couple of different facilities, including in the United States.

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