Drone Based PV System Inspection

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Drone Based PV System Inspection

Precision XYZ is a drone data service that is focused on the solar energy sector. They provide a full-service suite, working with developers PPC, and asset owners. Precision XYZ working across the value chain, meaning that whether you need a topographic map if you need someone to track construction progress, or report on the performance of the asset. They can help you at any one of those stages.

Shown is an example of an enterprise-class drone. In the industry, there are fixed-wing drones and multi-rotor drones. The multi-rotor drones are usually used commercial industrial solar panel installations.

The drone in the video is a fixed-wing drone, which as used for large-scale solar power plants. They can cover hundreds and thousands of acres per day. These drones are focused on large utility-scale solar power plants.

The multi-rotor drones are used mainly for commercial, industrial applications. Rooftop solar-powered systems, commercial solar panel installations, and small ground-mount solar panel installations.

Precision XYZ covers the gamut, in terms of the technology stack. Particularly in terms of robotic automation for both aerial systems as well as other systems.

Precision XYZ believes that drones and automation are absolutely the future of the solar power industry. Whether it is airborne drones or ground-based equipment, all of those are going to play a really important role in the solar energy market in the years ahead.

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