All Black Solar Panels

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All Black Solar Panels

When it comes to the solar panels with the highest efficiency of a solar panel and power output, LG and Panasonic have dominated the market. But along with their solar panels having the highest output and efficiency of a solar panel, the solar companies also have the highest prices.

With recent technological developments, other solar companies are catching up. With all-black solar panels hitting the market, solar companies are giving LG and Panasonic some competition in the efficiency of a solar panel department, while keeping their prices lower.

Hanwha Q Cells, Q-Peak duo blk-g6 all-black solar panels, come with a 25-year warranty and are expected to raise the efficiency of a solar panel to up to 20.1%. The new G6 Module has 340 W solar power output and is certified to handle heavy snow and wind loads. The panels will have larger photovoltaic cells that will help the solar panels deliver up to 6% more solar power

LONGi released its HI-MO4 module that uses m6 size, 166-millimeter wafers, which is larger than previous modules. The new solar panel boasts a maximum power output of 345 watts and the efficiency of a solar panel of 18.3%. The new solar panel has a better solar energy yield with a low irradiance performance coefficient and less than 2% first-year power degradation.

The HiDM all-black solar panels from Canadian Solar have a better shading tolerance in comparison with their other solar panels. With a lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature, reduced risk of the photovoltaic cells cracking in a small region and the solar panel enhances the module reliability. They can also withstand heavy snow loads and strong wind powers. The HiDM has a 330 W power output with the efficiency of a solar panel is 19.57%.

Solaria Power XT solar panels have a sleek all-black look. The solar panels have a 360 W power output raising the company’s solar panel efficiency to 19.9%. Solaria’s solar panels are one of the highest solar power modules on the market, producing more power per square meter area, and they lower the solar panel installation costs due to fewer BOS components.

Do you think these four solar panels will dominate the solar market? Comment below and let us know!

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