Presidential Candidates for Solar Energy

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Presidential Candidates for Solar Energy

With the 2020 election coming up, many people are wondering where the candidates stand in regards to fighting climate change and what they are going to do to implement sources of renewable energy such as solar panels and wind turbines.

When it comes to fighting climate change some presidential candidates are going to do more for sources of renewable energy than others.

Former vice president, Joe Biden, backs net-zero emissions by 2050, supported by 1.7 trillion dollars of federal funding over 10 years. His government also plans to procure additional private sector and local investments to raise the total to more than five trillion dollars. If Biden is elected president, he would establish a new government-wide clean energy export and climate investment initiative.

The Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren pledged 3 trillion dollars of federal funding to green research, half of which would be earmarked for American-made clean energy products. Warren wants U.S. electricity to be carbon-neutral by 2035. Warren supports the extension of the investment tax credit (ITC) and intends to expand existing federal energy financing programs.

It’s no secret Bernie Sanders is an advocate for solar energy. Sanders has promised to invest 16.3 trillion dollars of federal funding over 10 years to power 20 million clean economy jobs and reach a target of 100 percent sources of renewable energy by 2030. Sanders has vowed to spend 1.52 trillion dollars on sources of renewable energy and 852 billion dollars on energy storage capacity.

New Jersey senator Cory Booker is an advocate for his 3 trillion dollars climate plan that outlines to target 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2030 and carbon-neutral economy by 2045. Booker also plants to extend the ITC for solar panels, energy storage, and wind.

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