How Can You Protect Your Home Against Mandatory Blackouts

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Now that power companies have mandatory blackouts during fire season, how can I benefit from having solar and battery back up?


Solar panel installations with battery backup can help protect homeowners against mandatory blackouts because you won’t have to rely on utilities for power.

The way that solar panels produce solar electricity is by the sun’s energy hits the solar panels, and when the sun’s rays interact with the solar panels, electrons starting moving creating an electrical current. The wires in the solar panels capture and then feed this direct current electricity to a solar power inverter, which converts the current into usable electricity.

Solar power batteries work by storing the excess solar electricity that is produced by the solar panels for later use.

When you get a solar panel installation with a backup battery, you can store the excess solar electricity at your home instead of sending it back to the grid. If your solar panels are producing more solar electricity than you need, the excess electricity goes towards charging the solar power battery. When your solar panel installation isn’t producing solar electricity, you will be able to draw the energy that was previously stored in the solar power battery for night use.

So how does this help protect you when the grid goes down?

A solar-powered system can intentionally island, meaning, the solar power inverters are going to immediately disconnect from the grid when it fails and then direct the solar energy to provide power to local electrical loads. This allows for critical systems to continue to operate while using the solar power that is generated from solar panels to run your home.

When the centralized grid shuts the power off, this ‘intentional islanding’ is the most basic kind of resiliency. The solar-powered system utilizes the solar equipment that can remain operational in the absence of the grid or centralized control system.

A residential energy storage system is going to help a homeowner stay protected during a blackout because the battery is going to be wired independently of the grid. So instead of drawing energy from the grid, when your system is under-producing, you would draw stored solar power from the backup battery.

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