Savion Enters Utility-Scale Solar+Storage Developments

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Savion has officially been launched as a new utility-scale solar energy and energy storage project development solar company.

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Savion Enters Utility-Scale Solar+Storage Developments

Savion announced its official launch as a new utility-scale solar energy and energy storage project development solar company. Backed by Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, Savion consists of a veteran team of developers, bringing a history of proven experience and more than 8 GW of utility-scale solar power and energy storage pipeline projects under construction, under contract, in operation and in development.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Savion was previously part of Tradewind Energy, a subsidiary of Enel Power North America, and was acquired by GIG in August 2019.

Led by Rob Freeman and Geoff Coventry, the Savion team will focus on the development of utility-scale solar power and energy storage projects in partnership with utilities, municipalities, corporate customers and landowners across the United States. Freeman and Coventry are building upon a successful history in the source of renewable energy industry, having previously been co-founders of Tradewind Energy in 2003.

“We are extremely excited about this next chapter and for our team to have the opportunity to continue its project development focus in the rapidly growing solar sector and the emerging energy storage technology market,” said Rob Freeman, CEO of Savion. “The backing from Macquarie’s Green Investment Group provides a strong financial footing to ensure successful projects, enabling our team to pursue the mission of electricity grid diversification.”

“The combination of Savion with Macquarie’s Green Investment Group brings together a leading U.S. source of renewable energy developer and project pipeline with the capabilities of the wider Macquarie Group across investment, capital raising and energy trading” said Chris Archer, head of Americas at the Green Investment Group. “We are excited to work with this experienced team to find new solutions to deliver clean, renewable, low-cost energy solutions to our clients including large corporations, municipalities, and residential communities.”

Energy storage facilities are critical to building resiliency on the U.S. electrical grid. According to Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, the U.S. storage market is poised to experience substantial growth due to supportive policy structures and new opportunities for battery storage to provide wholesale market services.

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