Massachusetts Follows in California's Footsteps

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Massachusetts Follows in California's Footsteps

Massachusetts is following in California’s footsteps. In late July 2019, a key committee approved a new set of bills that would require solar panels on most new construction in the State, if passed.

As the 2020 deadline for California’s solar panel installation mandate looms, other States are watching closely to see how the housing market will fare.

Homeowners can expect an additional nine thousand and five hundred dollars in development costs - however, they will also see an average return of nineteen thousand dollars in energy cost savings over the life of the solar-powered system.

For solar companies, the key to keeping costs low will be partnering with builders. Sunrun has already partnered with 5 of the 10 top residential developers in the State, and Citadel Roofing & Solar recently announced a partnership with Solar Roof Dynamics.

The national renewable energy laboratory expects bulk solar panel installations and financing agreements to decrease financing for solar and permitting costs of solar. Solar companies can also save by building solar panels into the roof instead of retrofitting.  

While it's not yet clear if other states will follow suit, one thing is for sure: Solar power mandates are a big victory for the industry, demonstrating a willingness for change and shift towards sources or renewable energy - and solar power - as the new normal.

Do you think Massachusetts will be the next to pass a solar mandate? Let us know in the comments!

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