SMA and SolarEdge Announce Big News for Their Inverters

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SMA and SolarEdge Announce Big News for Their Inverters

SolarEdge has announced that its solar power inverters, StoreEdge have been selected to be part of National Grid’s solar incentive program. This solar incentive will be extended to owners of new and pre-installed solar power inverters. Everyone participating is eligible to receive a financial solar incentive for participating in the program. The ConnectedSolutions program will charge and discharge batteries of participating StoreEdge system owners in order to supply energy during times of high demand. By improving the payback for solar-plus-storage systems and encouraging higher volumes of solar panel installations, the program offers benefits to both solar-powered system owners and solar installers.You get to go solar and save money what could be better?

SMA has new and improved solar power inverters of its version of its Sunny Boy-US line. The new line will offer the latest in solar power technology and will include the enhanced safety features to comply with current solar energy industry regulations. The new Sunny Boy-US also offers simple, selectable country codes for region-specific smart inverter functionality in areas such as Hawaii, California and the Northeast. SMA will continue to offer an optional cellular modem and revenue-grade meter.

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