States Committed to Sources of Renewable Energy

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States Committed to Sources of Renewable Energy

Could 2050 be the golden year for solar power in the US? Three house committee chairs introduced an ambitious plan to shift the united states to a 100% clean economy by 2050 in light of the escalating climate crisis. The Solar Energy Industries association applauded the move, which is in line with its goal to make the 2020s the solar energy decade.

While the US makes its national push for clean energy, here are the top 3 states that have already committed to 100% sources of renewable energy goals.

At the top of the list is Hawaii, the first state to set 100% sources of renewable energy goals by 2045. Solar in California follows closely in second, also pledging to 100% by 2045, and making history last year by mandating all new homes be built with solar panel installations starting 2020. In third is the nation’s capital, Washington DC, which passed the clean energy omnibus act of 2018, the district is promising set an example for the nation by reaching its 100% sources of renewable energy goal by just 2032, 8 years sooner than the nearest competition.

Be sure to comment and let us know when you think your state will switch to 100% sources of renewable energy.

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