ABB Leaves the Inverter Business and a Popular Video Game Goes Solar

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What do solar panels and video games have in common? Three new solar energy projects have been installed in Fortnite! As part of the ninth season challenges, epic games have added a futuristic twist, requiring players to visit three solar panel installations in different locations. As Fortnite island slowly makes its transition to green energy, we can only hope that its 125 million players learn by example and adopt solar power in real life as well. 

Onto other solar energy news. In 2013, ABB spent approximately 1 billion dollars to acquire Powerone’s solar power inverter manufacturer. Six years later, ABB has decided to say ciao to the business and is paying the Italian based solar company, Fimer, 470 million dollars to take over the business. This transaction is expected to be finalized in the first quarter of 2020. Fimer will honor all existing ABB solar power inverter warranties. In the US market, Fimer will face the challenge of keeping all solar power inverters NEC 2017 and rule 21 compliant. They are also going to be facing tough competition from SMA, Fronius, Solaredge, Enphase and more.

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