Solar Energy Gets More Funding and a New Solar Device Hits the Market

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The week of July 21st, 2019 has been a big one for solar energy. The US Department of Energy announced another round of funding that is aimed to lower the costs of solar. This round of funding is the latest in a series of aggressive initiatives that the Department of Renewable Energy has promoted. The money will go to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which will match approximately the same amount in private sector funding for 11 solar energy projects. This is great because let’s face it when it comes to switching to solar energy, the best benefit is saving money.

In other solar energy news, a new solar power device is making waves in tech news. This new technology is able to produce solar electricity from the sun while purifying water, it solves two major problems for remote communities lacking basic resources. With applications in desert agriculture and saltwater purification, this is one cool solar gadget.  

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