Enphase Energy Opens Online Store

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Solar Company, Enphase Energy, is making getting a solar installation even easier. With the launch of the Enphase Store, a website where homeowners and solar installers can directly purchase solar energy products from the website.

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Enphase Energy Opens Online Store

The solar company, Enphase Energy has announced the Enphase Store, an e-commerce website on which homeowners and solar installers can purchase select Enphase solar energy products directly. The Enphase Store is designed to improve the experience of Enphase customers who wish to replace individual components of their solar installation quickly and without volume purchase requirements.

The Enphase Store currently offers communications gateways, Consumption CT devices, LTE Cat-M1 cellular modems, M215 Microinverter kits, and other accessories. More solar energy products will be added to the Enphase Store inventory as guided by customer demand. The Enphase Store will offer expedited shipping options and parcel tracking for locations in the United States. To make Enphase Store purchases, Enphase solar power customers can log in using their existing Enphase Enlighten monitoring platform credentials or set up a new Enphase Store account. Solar installers can also make purchases and ship replacement products directly to homeowners.

“The Enphase Store is yet another way in which Enphase has stepped up its service and support offerings over the past few years,” said Jim Gitas, founder and CEO of Your Energy Solutions. “With the Enphase Store, we now have a way to very quickly find and buy components that might not be in stock elsewhere, which means we can be responsive to requests from our customers. Since many of our solar installation customers come to us via referrals and based on online reviews, any improvements in agility for our service team makes a positive impact on the business in general.”

“Enphase understands that over time, as technology advances, it can become difficult for installers to locate older components for solar systems that otherwise still have a lot of life left in them,” said Sean Gardner, VP at Compass Solar Energy. “The Enphase Store makes it much easier for us to replace individual parts on our customers’ systems to get those systems back into top shape. Our customers appreciate that we have this resource help them get the maximum value possible out of their investment in solar.”

“We built the Enphase Store as a direct response to feedback from our installer partners and homeowners who asked for a streamlined way to find and buy individual replacement components,” said Jeff McNeil, COO at Enphase Energy. “Over time, and as new products come to market, it can be cumbersome to locate and purchase certain components through high-volume mainstream distribution networks. The Enphase Store should also help to reduce the burden of carrying low volume and replacement products in inventory for solar equipment distribution companies, which is why the platform provides benefits for our entire value chain.”

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