SMA Releases New Mobile Application

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SMA America has released a new mobile application, providing PV solar installers with current solar-powered system information, quick error analysis and repair assistance for solar panel installations.

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SMA Releases New Mobile Application

SMA America has released a new mobile application, empowering PV solar installers with up-to-date solar-powered system information, quick error analysis and repair assistance for solar panel installations. With the SMA Service Mobile App, solar installers are equipped with everything they need to be prepared — including all-inclusive, practical solutions that make all aspects of day-to-day work life easy.

“With our new service application, installers can speed up service in the field and focus instead on their revenue-generating opportunities,” said Charles Morrill, VP of customer service with SMA America. “The easy access to documentation and support is expedited and simplified.”

SMA’s free Service App includes documentation for SMA products, quick fault analysis and reliable repair guidance — online and offline. One robust feature is the intuitive fault analysis tool. After entering an error code, solar installers will be given recommendations and solutions to troubleshoot the problem. This feature reliably guides solar installers step-by-step through the process of replacing solar power inverter components, allowing them to make repairs quickly and without any problems. Upon request, the exact location of an affected assembly can be displayed beforehand as well.

The app also features extensive documentation for the current SMA product portfolio. Solar installers simply enter the product family and the app will display all the relevant stored documents. Another useful feature displays the contact information for each solar installer’s local contact center. Even in the field, connecting with a SMA service representative is as easy as clicking a button.

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