A 9.6-MW Solar Power Array will Help Power Missouri City

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The City of West Plains, Missouri is getting solar power. Evergy is building a 9.6-MW array of solar panels in the community that will generate enough solar energy to power 1,200 homes.

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A 9.6-MW Solar Power Array will Help Power Missouri City

The City of West Plains, Missouri, will partner with electric utility Evergy to provide solar power to the community. Evergy will build a 9.6-MW array of solar panels in the city that will generate enough solar energy to power 1,200 homes.

“Evergy is excited to share our renewable energy expertise as part of our community-based solar partnership with the City of West Plains,” said Lloyd Jackson, managing director of Evergy Energy Partners. “The solar array will provide affordable green energy to the community for many years to come.”

The announcement comes as West Plains celebrates Public Power Week.

“We are excited to add solar to the energy sources that power our community. The solar project with Evergy will give us an opportunity to provide [educational] opportunities about renewable energy and provide rate stability for the future,” said Jeff Hanshaw, public works director for West Plains.

Evergy’s Energy Partners division offers comprehensive energy management solutions, asset optimization, risk management and advisory services and renewable energy options to utilities, large industrial customers and independent power producers.

Evergy Energy Partners has built a team experienced in the development of sources of renewable energy generation to serve public utilities and local governments. A recently completed similar project in Baldwin City, Kansas, now provides solar power to homes in that community.

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