New Electric Panel from Span Streamlines Solar + Storage Installation

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A new technology company that is being led by former Tesla engineers just released smart electric solar panels that enables customers to easily adopt solar panels, storage, EVs and other clean energy technologies. The Span electrics solar panel will begin its solar installation in select markets in California and Hawaii.

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New Electric Panel from Span Streamlines Solar + Storage Installation

A new technology company led by former Tesla engineers has just released a smart electric solar panel that enables customers to easily adopt solar panels, storage, EVs and other clean energy technologies. The Span electric solar panel will begin solar installation in select markets in California and Hawaii.

The Span panel replaces a traditional electrical panel to become the primary energy and control hub for the home. It displaces the need for many disparate pieces of equipment to install solar panels, storage and electric vehicles today with a single, integrated device. The result is a faster, more cost effective solar installation for both new homes and retrofits that delivers unprecedented functionality to the customer.

“Electrical panels haven’t seen significant innovations in over three decades despite being the ideal center for controlling home energy and bringing intelligent connectivity into homes,” says Arch Rao, founder and CEO of Span. “We are excited to launch a product that will accelerate the adoption of renewables while transforming the customer and installer experience.”

The Span panel offers customizable backup solar power, enabling customers to intelligently prioritize the available solar energy in their homes especially during power outages or blackouts. This, paired with the ability to monitor and control home energy from anywhere at anytime through the Span mobile app, substantially differentiates the product from anything on the market today.

 By incorporating key electrical components into a single device, the Span panel simplifies design and deployment for solar and storage installers as well as energy companies. As the adoption of distributed solar energy grows, Span’s platform will enable its panels to be operated as a fleet to support emerging grid services; thus delivering ongoing value to its customers.

Span is working with select technology and solar installation partners to deploy systems this year, with plans to scale up production in early 2020.

“I’ve been waiting for a product like this for years,” says Josh Powell, CEO of Revolusun Smart Home and Hawaii’s leading solar and storage installer. “It’s the perfect technology innovation for the next generation of clean-energy homes. It’s going to look better, perform better for homeowners and simplify everything we do as installers both today and for retrofits down the line.”

While Span’s first product solves a well-quantified problem in residential solar-plus-storage, the company looks to advance sources of renewable energy adoption with solutions in both distributed energy and home automation.

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