Solaria Plans to Double Solar Panel Production

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Solaria Corporation has announced plans to double its solar panel production capabilities by the end of 2019. The solar company has received a $40 million investment by outside industry reps and as a result, T.J. Rodgers and Isidoro Quiroga have both joined Solaria’s Board of Directors.

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Solaria Plans to Double Solar Panel Production

U.S. headquartered solar company Solaria Corporation just announced that it plans to double its production capabilities by the end of the year, in part because of a $40 million investment by outside industry reps. Solar energy  investors T.J. Rodgers and Isidoro Quiroga have both joined Solaria’s Board of Directors as a result.

“One of the fastest-growing areas in renewable energy is premium residential solar, where the focus is on efficiency, aesthetics and value,” said Suvi Sharma, Solaria CEO. “Solaria’s Pure Black PowerXT panels have emerged as a first choice in the premium segment, exceeding our expectations and creating tremendous demand for our products. Now we’ll be able to satisfy our customers while maintaining excellent customer service.”

Solaria currently has a 40-MW production line of solar panels in California and a larger manufacturing presence in South Korea. The solar company uses a patented photovoltaic cells design and advanced assembly techniques to enable greater than 20% efficiency of a solar panel and a sleek, black design with no visible circuitry. The high-power-density solar panels are catered to residential and commercial customers most concerned with aesthetics and getting maximum power on the rooftop solar panel installations.

“I have the privilege of seeing and evaluating a wide range of solar technologies, and it quickly became clear to me that Solaria’s approach is unparalleled,” Rodgers said. “Solaria pays attention to what is most important in residential solar products: quality, performance and aesthetics. I’m pleased to support Solaria as they increase their market share worldwide and lead the way toward energy independence.”

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