Maryland residents Get 1.9 MW of Community Solar

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Maryland solar power is growing. CleanChoice Energy and Hartz Solar have opened 1.9 MW of new community solar energy for Maryland residents. The new solar power facility will subscribe more than 200 residents, helping people save money and the environment.

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Maryland residents Get 1.9 MW of Community Solar

CleanChoice Energy, a sources of renewable energy company that empowers people and businesses to cut emissions and live cleaner lives, and Hartz Solar, a developer, and owner of over 40 MW of solar energy assets in the Mid-Atlantic, have opened 1.9 MW of new community solar energy for Maryland residents serviced by Baltimore Gas & Electric. The new community solar power facility will subscribe more than 200 residents; allowing people to save money on their utility bills while supporting regional solar power growth.

“Maryland residents can now save up to 10% on their utility bills while supporting regional solar growth,” said CleanChoice founder and CEO, Tom Matzzie. “Our goal is to make supporting renewable energy as easy as possible. With community solar, almost everyone with a utility bill can access the benefits of solar.”

CleanChoice launched its community solar power program in Maryland last year. The CleanChoice Energy community solar energy platform connects people to regional community solar power projects, allowing residents and businesses to sign up to support local solar power in minutes. Customers can see five to 10% savings on their utility bills with no setup fees, solar panel installation or large upfront solar panel investments.

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