LG's Residential Solar Energy Offerings Put Home Owners in Control

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LG is resuming its role as a top player within the U.S. residential solar power marker at the 2019 Solar Power International Conference. The company’s wide array of residential solar energy offerings allows users the ability to take control of their energy use and storage in a more effective and energy-efficient manner.The LG ESS uses a world-class LG Chem battery to store excess solar energy.

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In conjunction with North America’s Smart Energy Week, LG Electronics (LG) is underscoring its role as a top player within the U.S. residential solar power market at the 2019 Solar Power International Conference.

LG continues to transform today’s solar energy landscape, offering precision-manufactured and high-efficiency solar panels and an innovative Energy Storage System (ESS) for homeowners who demand high performance, reliability and aesthetically appealing features from a brand they can trust. The company’s wide array of residential solar energy offerings allows users the ability to take control of their energy use and storage in a more effective and energy-efficient manner.

Led by the award-winning LG NeON® family of high-performance solar panels, LG’s solar modules are recognized for providing a new level of performance and flexibility for homeowners seeking to save on their utility bills and take positive steps for the environment. Backed by 25-year limited product and performance warranties, the LG NeON lineup features high power outputs, low degradation, appealing aesthetics and high-efficiency technology that is designed to perform well in a variety of environments and weather conditions.

This solar panels lineup combined with LG’s innovative ESS allows for greater control over energy decisions. The LG ESS uses a world-class LG Chem battery to store excess solar energy. The system is quick and easy for professionals to install, and features a compact, elegant design, a scalable battery and an integrated smart energy management system (EMS).

LG’s ESS can be installed at a consumer’s home, whether they have or are thinking of installing solar panels.  It’s offered in both AC-coupled and DC-coupled configurations. A 7.6kW DC-coupled solution has an integrated high-efficiency Power Control System, which functions as a PV inverter and is well-suited for new solar PV + Storage installations. An AC-coupled 5.0 kW system for those who already have solar panels of any type on their homes is also available. The systems can be scaled up for more storage through pairing with an expandable battery pack and are covered by a 10-year warranty giving homeowners confidence in its performance for years to come.

Using a "smart energy management" function, the LG ESS stores excess energy produced from homes’ solar panels for use during hours when the solar panels cannot produce energy, such as at night. This allows for less reliance on the energy grid during peak energy consumption hours when time-of-use electricity rates are often highest. In the instance of a power outage, the LG ESS can also provide backup power for the home.

In line with LG’s larger sustainable business strategy, by 2030, the company will look to reduce carbon emissions from its global operations by 50 percent compared to a 2017 baseline by implementing various carbon reduction and sources of renewable energy initiatives. This effort will help bring LG closer to reaching its goal of carbon neutrality, achieving a net-zero carbon emissions footprint by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal. Additionally, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency named LG 2019 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence.

This type of commitment to reducing our overall carbon footprint is highlighted by LG’s solar energy offerings.

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