New Bifacial Panel Racking Solution

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TerraSmart, a turnkey ground mount solar panels racking solutions provider, released it’s latest ground mount solar panels screw-based racking designed for utility-scale solar energy projects. The racking system is infused with bifacial solar panels compatibility allowing complete exposure of the solar panels to maximize the efficiency of a solar panel.

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New Bifacial Panel Racking Solution

TerraSmart, a turnkey ground mount racking solutions provider, has unveiled GLIDE, its latest ground screw-based racking design for utility-scale solar projects. GLIDE is infused with bifacial solar panels module compatibility allowing complete exposure of the module to maximize potential backside power yield to increase the efficiency of a solar panel.

Carrying forward TerraSmart’s long tradition of accommodating slope tolerances up to 36%, GLIDE’s intuitive design pulls forward 10 years of direct field experience to improve install times with simplified connections, agile parts and a significant reduction in hardware. With the combination of an installer-friendly design and value-engineered steel members, TerraSmart has significantly reduced price-per-watt, making GLIDE one of the most competitive racking systems available for a solar panel installation.

“A cornerstone of TerraSmart’s product development focus is to continuously listen and understand the ever-changing needs of our clients by empowering them to bring competitively-priced solar projects to market. GLIDE enables our clients to do just that. With the expansion of solar in markets where labor is at a premium due to high demand or prevailing wage rates, velocity and ease of installation will become paramount,” said TerraSmart CEO Ryan Reid. “With our known ability to conquer the most challenging of project sites in the US, GLIDE now redefines speed of install and sets the pace for field efficiency.”

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