California Solar Installers Gear Up to Meet 2020 Solar Mandate

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California Solar Installers Gear Up to Meet 2020 Solar Mandate

Solar installation companies are banding together in preparation for California's new mandate that all new residential construction must include solar systems starting January 1, 2020. Citadel Roofing & Solar partnered with Solar Roof Dynamics to tap resources as the solar roofing business grows. 


Vacaville, Calif.-based Citadel Roofing & Solar has announced a strategic partnership with Solar Roof Dynamics (SRD), a Davis, Calilf.-based solar equipment and services provider.

Through this alliance, Citadel will tap SRD’s resources, including back-office services and supplier relationships, to support its own growing solar and roofing business.

Aaron Nitzkin, founder and CEO of SRD, will assume additional responsibilities as Citadel’s executive vice president of solar. He will oversee the company’s continued growth into the residential, small commercial and new home construction markets, especially as home builders prepare for California’s new home solar mandate.

“The California solar market is heating up as home builders gear up to comply with the new state mandate that all new residential construction include solar energy systems starting Jan. 1, 2020,” says Nitzkin. “As one of the largest and most experienced solar and roofing contractors in California, Citadel is uniquely positioned to serve as a trusted advisor to home builders, big and small, to ensure that their transition to meeting the new code goes smoothly.”

“This is an exciting time in the California solar market, and we are delighted to add Aaron to our solar team to guide residential and commercial sales and operations,” adds Dieter Folk, president of Citadel. “Aaron’s appointment is particularly timely as we approach the deadline for California’s mandate that all residential new construction includes a solar system. His years of experience and success building Solar Roofing Dynamics will help Citadel expand its penetration into the home builder market and strengthen our leadership role in roofing and solar throughout the state.”

Nitzkin has been in the solar industry since 2003. Before he founded Solar Roof Dynamics, he was national sales director for Dow Chemical Co.’s solar division and executive vice president of solar for PetersenDean.

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