Hanwha Q Cell Provides Almost 15,000 Solar Panels For Solar Plant in France

Renewable Energy WorldJuly 23, 20191272


15,000 solar panels were supplied by Hanwha Q CELLS for a ground mount solar panels in France. The solar panel installation in Brittany was developed in the local French sources of renewable energy company Quadran. Q CELLS said it was identified as an ideal module supply partner for the project because it had secured a carbon footprint (CFP) certification for its Q.PEAK module range earlier this year.

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Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH said it supplied its almost 15,000 solar panels to a large ground-mounted solar farm in western France.

Situated in the commune of Baud in France’s Brittany region, the 4.5-MW solar plant was officially inaugurated and connected to the central grid on July 8. Comprising 14,592 solar panels from Q CELLS, the mass solar farm is the largest single ground-mounted solar panel installation in Brittany and was developed by local French sources of renewable energy company Quadran.

Q CELLS said it was identified as an ideal module supply partner for the project because it had secured a carbon footprint (CFP) certification of 300 kg-eq/CO²/kWc for its Q.PEAK module range earlier this year.

Such CFP certifications on solar panels are a requirement mandated by the French government in order to ensure that sources of renewable energy growth is as environmentally friendly as possible. In order to be permitted to participate in France’s renewable energy tenders, developers must utilize only those solar components that possess CFP certification.

A shining achievement for Brittany

Quadran, developer of the plant, hosted a well-attended event to mark the inauguration of the installation, which is located at Quinipily in Baud, Morbihan.

Interest in the mass solar farm is high for a number of reasons. As the largest such array in Brittany, covering seven hectares, the 4.5 MW mass solar plant will meet the annual electricity consumption needs of 4,400 local inhabitants, while offsetting emissions of 1,710 tonnes of C02 each year.

Furthermore, some 40% of the solar panel installation’s costs were crowdfunded by citizen financing – which ensures that offtaker EDF will pay an additional €3/MWh of solar power produced.

Maengyoon Kim, Head of EU Sales at Q CELLS, said: “The entire project at Quinipily is a wonderful achievement, and a testament to the desire of local citizens and the developer Quadran to boost the region’s clean energy footprint. As a leading solar panels brand in France, Q CELLS was delighted that its low-carbon solar panels were selected for such a landmark mass solar farm.”

Baptiste Simon, Lead Project Developer at Quadran, added: “We decided to use Q CELLS’ Q.PEAK-G4.2 solar panels because they combine the necessary low-carbon CFP credentials with excellent performance standards, competitive LCOE and a renowned brand that we are confident will ensure reliable output for the 25+ year duration of the Quinipily plant.”

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