Solar professionals form the Wyoming Solar Energy Association (WYSE)

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Solar installers and other professionals associated with this renewable energy source have formed the Wyoming Solar Energy Association (WYSE), the first trade group of its kind in the Cowboy State.


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Solar professionals form the Wyoming Solar Energy Association (WYSE)

The renewable energy sector took a giant step forward in the Cowboy State with the formation of the Wyoming Solar Energy Association(WYSE). The trade organization’s kick off was announced at the Powder River Basin Resource Council’s second annual Spring Solar Celebration in April.

“As solar energy continues to grow, it is important for the solar industry to be unified,” said Stacey Schmid, WYSE president, in a press release. “We need to make sure solar energy in our state stays locally based and helps our local economy. A trade organization created by and for Wyoming solar professionals will help to ensure that the state benefits from the continued growth of solar energy.”

The main objective of the WYSE is community engagement through educational outreach, advocacy and business services.

WYSE wants to make sure that revenue invested in local solar energy stays in Wyoming, so voting members must maintain an office in the state. Anyone working professionally in solar energy is eligible for membership.

“The growth potential for Wyoming solar energy is really exciting,” said WYSE Vice President Garret Stover. “This is a profession which many young people are interested in, and opportunities that keep more of our youth in the state are good for everyone.”

The newly-formed trade organization currently has professional members from Albany, Johnson, Laramie, Natrona, and Sheridan counties.

The WYSE and the Powder River Basin Resource Council will be hosting a question and answer session Monday, May 20, in Casper.

According to the National Audubon Society, not many homes and businesses in Wyoming are powered by solar panels. However, in 2016, $2 million was invested on solar installations in the state, which supports more than a dozen solar companies that employ more than 150 people.

Nearly one-third of the state's solar energy was installed in 2016 alone, suggesting that the installation rate is accelerating. That’s not entirely surprising as studies have shown that solar is contagious—people are more likely to install solar panels after they see their neighbors do the same.

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