Kern County to get mega solar development

Antelope Valley NewsApril 12, 20191400


Kern County Supervisors changed zoning on a number of parcels in order to approve a five-sites, 500 MW solar power plant north of California City.


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Kern County to get mega solar development

On Tuesday April 9, the Kern County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to approve a  500-megawatt solar power plant on 2,652 acres north of California City and southeast of the unincorporated community of Cantil.

To get an idea, that size is over 2,000 football fields. 

The Kern County Planning Commission had approved the Eland 1 Solar Project at its March 14 hearing.

The project is spread over five sites on privately-owned, undeveloped land. The sites are around the intersection of Neuralia Road and Phillips Road, east of Highway 14. Two sites are on the east side of Neuralia Road, and the remaining three border either side of Phillips Road.

The nearest residential structures to the project area are adjacent to one site.

The Board also changed the zoning on a number of parcels to exclusive agriculture, which allows for the solar facility and approved five conditional use permits to allow for construction and operation of the facility.

There are three additional solar power projects in the vicinity of the proposed power plant, according to the staff report.

The power plant is to be paired with additional energy storage and its developer expects it to be completed by next year.

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