Boise, Idaho wants to reach 100% renewable electricity goal by 2035

City of Boise, IdahoApril 4, 2019756

Boise, Idaho wants to reach 100% renewable electricity goal by 2035

The Boise City Council recently adopted a bold goal of 100% citywide clean electricity by 2035. The electricity goal, as well as goals around natural gas and geothermal energy are part of a project called Boise’s Energy Future, focused on setting measurable and achievable renewable energy and efficiency goals for the entire city. 

In development for over a year, the plan was guided by City of Boise staff and a stakeholder group of community organizations and businesses including local utilities. The plan was developed with extensive public outreach, including a citywide survey in partnership with Boise State University. Highlights from the survey include 77% of polled citizens either strongly or somewhat agreeing with the city’s effort to establish goals to reduce energy use and transition to renewable energy.

The plan includes a list of six actionable electricity strategies with practical targets that demonstrate a cost-effective path to 100% clean electricity. Boise residents currently spend approximately $245 million dollars per year on energy in their homes, businesses, institutions, and industrial processes, 75% of which is spent on electricity and 25% on natural gas.

Get Involved: Review Plan
Citizens are invited to view the draft plan.

Download Draft Plan (PDF)

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