Robots Can Make Solar More Efficient And Get More Efficient From Solar

Ean GoodguyAugust 6, 2018550

Robots Can Make Solar More Efficient And Get More Efficient From Solar

The pre-eminent Israeli provider of water-free solar panel cleaning robots, Ecoppia, announced today it is moving to deploy an E4 robotic system at the site of a 325-MW solar power plant in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Ecoppia, the pre-eminent Israeli provider of water-free solar panel scrubbing robots will equip the site with a robotic system that is anticipated to help the solar plant save over 1 billion liters of water and reduce its operating expenditures drastically.

Eran Meller, CEO of Ecoppia, explained that the organization is looking forward to extending its cooperation with the Actis Group, owner of the Spring program, to supplementary regions.

Robots and solar are exciting working partners.  We saw a lot of movement in this direction, especially in space exploration.  The Rover modules all had solar panel energy harvesting arrays.  Going to Mars with a robot was pretty amazing.  

Solar Powered Robots

"Today we take another important step on our journey to Mars," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.” While getting to and landing on Mars is hard, Curiosity was an iconic example of how our robotic scientific explorers are paving the way for humans to pioneer Mars and beyond. Mars exploration will be this generation’s legacy, and the Mars 2020 rover will be another critical step on humans' journey to the Red Planet."

"The 2020 rover will help answer questions about the Martian environment that astronauts will face and test technologies they need before landing on, exploring and returning from the Red Planet," said William Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Mars has resources needed to help sustain life, which can reduce the number of supplies that human missions will need to carry. Better understanding the Martian dust and weather will be valuable data for planning human Mars missions. Testing ways to extract these resources and understand the environment will help make the pioneering of Mars feasible."

"We are excited that NASA's Space Technology Program is partnered with Human Exploration and the Mars 2020 Rover Team to demonstrate our abilities to harvest the Mars atmosphere and convert its abundant carbon dioxide to pure oxygen," said James Reuther, deputy associate administrator for programs for the Space Technology Mission Directorate. "This technology demonstration will pave the way for more affordable human missions to Mars where oxygen is needed for life support and rocket propulsion."

Robots And Your Solar

And just like the Mars Rover paved the way for more affordable adventures, so did the solar cleaning E4 robotic system on this panel array.  The future is bright, and it's clear that solar panel technology is vital to our future in so many ways.  When you are considering adding this innovative technology to your house, you need to be careful and feel the best deal you can find on your new solar panels.  

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