First Solar will build new 1.2 GW manufacturing plant in Ohio

photonMay 4, 2018935

First Solar will build new 1.2 GW manufacturing plant in Ohio

First Solar, Inc. announced plans to build a new solar module manufacturing facility near its existing Perrysburg, Ohio flagship plant. The 1.2 GW factory is expected to create 500 new jobs, and will produce the company’s advanced technology Series 6 thin film PV module. Capital investment for the expansion will be approximately $400 million, construction is expected to begin in mid-2018 and entering full production mode in late 2019.

With the current plant’s Series 6 manufacturing capacity of 600 MW and the announced expansion, First Solar’s annualized U.S. manufacturing capacity for thin film PV solar modules will total 1.8 GW. In 2017, the company invested $175 million into retooling the original Perrysburg plant for production of its new Series 6 product. This April, the facility re-started an idled Series 4 production line to meet continued demand for that product.

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