Roofs Matter For Solar Panel Pricing

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 Roofs Matter For Solar Panel Pricing

Solar panels are everywhere.  I was just driving north on the I-5 freeway and say farms far and wide utilizing this type of energy harnessing.  Tela roofs are not so prevalent, but, this could change. This latest product from Telsa asks that you improve your existing roof with a distinct company compound of non-solar glass tiles and solar-enabled glass tiles. It is an excellent new product, designed with great aesthetics, and because of its colossal recognition, we wanted to examine this product and estimate out if installing this new roof makes financial reasoning for your home? With a small amount of conversation with homeowners, we’ve found that for the bulk of them respond “not yet.” Unless you’re waiting for a roof replacement, Tesla’s late solar roof simply is too costly for the typical American homeowner for merely performing a home energy fix.

What Kind Of Solar Roof?

Thou hast finally determined to go solar. You have created a total strategy for your home and economic conditions.  You are inquisitive about going solar, but don’t require to replace your roof. Not unexpected, this example the most common situation for the vast majority of homeowners currently in the U.S. You’ve been interested about installing solar panels for a lengthy period of time, and realized that prices have come down enough for it to be a possible home upgrade. Most likely, you've been intercepting a lot of news buzz surrounding the Tesla solar roof.  But, you aren’t positive if it’s warranting of the price. Most importantly,  a roof replacement isn't needed for the next few years. 

The main rationalizing behind your choice to go with a Tesla Solar Roof vs. a solar panel roof is both a new roof situation and a solar installation. If you don’t require a new roof, you risk getting captured financially on a commodity that you weren’t even buying for in the first place. The price tag of this upsell is plentiful. While the owner of our 3,000 sq. ft. home in California would on install an 8.5 kW solar panel system for approximately $26,030 before rebates, Tesla’s roof price tool shows that only a 6.25 kW solar roof priced at $50,900 is possible. The result is that Tesla’s solar roof will cost nearly $25,000 more than installing solar panels.  Also, it will deliver only 77 percent as much solar power. You’re paying more for less, and that doesn’t gain good financial sense. 

Roof Costs And Solar Panels

To demonstrate Tesla’s solar roof price and its cost incentive, we’ll show three separate scenarios beneath –  read on to see which represents you sufficiently! Example: a 3,000 sq. ft. home in Southern California including a $200 monthly power bill in our model, although we handled this examination for various states and house proportions and the results prevailed in a similar fashion.

Solar power is here to stay, and the sooner you explore how much you can save, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of residential solar power. Go to and try our price checker tool. It tells you how much solar power you need, and how much you can save.

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