How to choose the right solar panels for you

Adrienne SorensenAugust 1, 20183480

How to choose the right solar panels for you

In the northern hemisphere, solar panels harvest the most power when they are installed on a tilted, south facing roof, that is unshaded.

Time of use billing and microinverters 

That doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work when set up another way.  Normally when there isn’t a south-facing roof, a house will have both east and west facing roof spaces. In this scenario, the preference is  the one closest to the south  with the  time of use billing and late afternoon peak periods. Over time, more people are choosing the west to harvest more power in the later afternoon. This is the case in California since  residential customers will be on time of use billing plans from their utility by the end of 2019. Time of use billing is the concept that the more people use power from the utilities, the more it will cost. Power in the middle of the day or night will be more economical than power from 5 pm to 9 pm. If you use solar panels in the day and use the grid at night when it is less expensive, you will be using time of use billing to your advantage. Since 2011, micro-inverters are common use optimize power at each panel by varying current (I) and voltage (V) to maximize power output. From there it translates it to AC power at the panel. A reduction in Amps in one panel caused by shade has no impact on the other panels that aren’t in shade. This device drastically improves the results from a site with intermittent shade. 

Community solar and roof space 

Some legislators provide renters with the same opportunity for solar energy as a homeowner installing solar panels in a community solar. Community solar purchases a small portion of output from a solar farm. You can buy a residential system from a community solar farm and get credited with this percentage of power generated at the community solar. The amount of  roof space needed to install solar panels depends on the size of solar system needed. Most homes have enough sun and roof space available for solar power. With advanced research and technology, solar installers resolve issues of  shading and angles your solar panels are facing. Modern solar panel systems are designed with these variables in mind.

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