Follow Me For Solar Financing In California

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Follow Me For Solar Financing In California

121 miles northeast of San Diego and 122 miles east of Los Angeles, there lies a place like no other.  This mystical area, full of raccoons and coyotes, is known to many a weary travelers and locals as Palm Desert, California.  This city is known for something even more special, more precious than may other towns or locales throughout the Golden State.  This special entity is Kurt Russell.  Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, son of Bing Russell, Kurt now lives in the mighty Palm Desert.   Known for his incredible films such as, Follow Me, Boys!, The Barefoot Executive, and of course, Captain Ron, Russell has made a lasting impact on the world, time and time again.  So, it is evident that Kurt Russell lives in California, and Kurt Russell is amazing.  So, by way of sheer association, so The Golden State.  Something else that is amazing about California is its forward thinking about solar panel powered energy.  The state is a leader for its state incentives for those who are choosing to make the switch to a great priced solar future.  And when it comes to your turn to go solar, if you live in California, there are plenty of options for you to finance your solar dreams. 

The options for financing a solar system for your home have really expanded over the years.  In 2016, 45 percent of home solar installations financed through third-party large solar agencies and 25 percent bought outright. The remaining 16 percent of customers got solar panel systems through nicely priced solar loans.

Setting The Tone Of Solar For Other States

California is the 5th largest economy on the globe and its influence in any market is significant.  The state has already surpassed its emissions reduction target for 2020. The state has cut its emissions by 13 percent in 15 years. California is now under 1990 levels. All the while, the state’s economy has grown 26 percent.

Innovative institutions have started launching studies to help bring solar to everyone.  A recent study was created to assess the influence of solar farms, and wildflowers probably have on bees and other pollinators. The investigation will see if solar farms can be built in such a way that they enhance the populations of regional bees, butterflies, hummingbirds. It will also appraise whether improved pollinator populations in the area will help increase crop yields for local farmers. 

It Is Time For Solar

A loan is a great way to get your home solar ready. Getting into the solar and saving yourself on energy costs for your household is smart.  As we have seen, there is a lot of change in the solar energy market toward savings, and it is your time to be the hero. 

If you want to move into the future and join the solar revolution, or if you want to find out what solar panels are right for you, go to and try our price checker tool. You can see how much a system will cost, and how much you can save over the next 20 years. 

For more information relating to going solar, don't forget to visit our solar blog section for more handy guides and articles. 

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