Solar jobs and clean renewable energy

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Solar jobs and clean renewable energy

Employment in the “clean energy” sector is increasing as more homeowners install solar power systems. Solar and wind power jobs don’t expose workers to toxic chemicals, explosions, oil fires, mine collapses and so forth. In addition, the coal and petroleum industries don’t exactly have stellar track records when it comes to preventing injuries or taking care of injured or sick workers. Moreover, these jobs are not dead-end, low-paying, or unfulfilling ones. Experts predict that far more new jobs will be added in the clean energy sector in the coming decades since these are the most competitive options for new electricity generation capacity.

It’s very beneficial to the American economy that hundreds of thousands work in clean energy like solar and wind power, but in China, there are reportedly well over 2 million people working in solar power. So, it is possible for millions of people to be employed in solar power, even though the conventional view might be that solar power is sort of a ‘fringe’ technology.

Air Pollution

Solar energy does not produce copious amounts of toxic air pollution as fossil fuels do.

A huge number of premature deaths occur in the United States and in other countries simply due to excessive air pollution. Tens of thousands of Americans die every year from old-fashioned air pollution, generated by electric power plants that burn fossil fuels. Estimates vary, but between 7,500 and 52,000 people in the United States meet early deaths because of small particles resulting from power plant emissions.

The number of premature deaths due to air pollution worldwide is in the millions.

Somehow, the climate change deniers never mention the enormous human toll resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. The cost to society in terms of health problems, death, and pollution of using coal in the US has been estimated in the hundreds of billions.

Children more vulnerable to pollution

Children are vulnerable to all forms of air pollution, and hundreds of thousands die each year globally. “570,000 children under 5 years die from respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, attributable to indoor and outdoor air pollution, and second-hand smoke.

The burning of fossil fuels is a primary contributor to the production of air pollution.

Further, pollution contributes directly to climate change, which is increasing temperatures in some areas, resulting in more plant growth and greater pollen production. More pollen means more asthma for children and other age groups. However, the plant growth isn’t normally the type we want — with agriculture threatened the world over from increasing drought, heat, and flooding.

Germany decided to embrace clean, renewable energy and has made a great deal of progress. In the process, this European nation has emerged as a new technology leader and set an example to the world. That could have been the United States, but we have lagged behind. Germany has been able to take in billions by exporting its surplus electricity. Clean energy installations might even be increasing tourism in some parts of Germany.

Investing and Cleantech

Investing in clean energy doesn’t only begin to address and solve various environmental and public health problems. It also helps create new technologies that can further reduce the usage of fossil fuels. Of course, there are many more benefits and multiple examples of how renewable energy benefits the grid. Entire books are devoted to the subject of renewable energy, but for one online article, there isn’t enough space to cover them all. There will also be new benefits created as renewable energy expands around the world and gets smarter.

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