Being a solar farm producer

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Being a solar farm producer 

Nowadays, traditional farms don’t generate enough income for farmers. Solar farms are now coming into the fold and bringing mass attention to the farming industry. Solar farms are starting to slowly replace empty industrial sites and property that hasn’t grown crops long term. Both residential solar panels and solar farms play on the same team but their plans vary to achieve their purposes.Residential solar panels typically have single panels mounted on the roof. It harvests energy from the sun  and converts it into Alternating Current for the a homes usage. Solar farms are also called Photovoltaic Power, which are a gigantic area of land where solar tracking towers are mounted to distribute power to a communities.

Solar farm is a capital intensive project 

Creating a solar farm is a capital intensive business. It’s estimated that you’ll be required to front a minimum of 1 million dollars to start a solar farm. Despite this hefty price tag, the Returns on Investment are enormous long term. Solar panels are used to create power that you sell back to the electric utility. From there, others use the power you make.

So when you choose to place solar panels on your roof, you get a second meter. You’ll still keep your first meter, and you you’ll continue to purchase the electricity you use from the utility simultaneously. The second meter calculates the power your panels produce. Your utility company pays you for the power that goes out through this meter. You will continue to  be a consumer while being a solar producer as well. As a solar producer the electricity that you generate now pays you. Your power is used by others which reduces the need for the electric utility to purchase fossil fuels to power its generators. The more you produce solar energy, the less fossil fuel is being generated.

A typical solar farm sits on an enormous piece of land where various ground-mount solar tracking towers are placed. Nowadays, solar farms replace unimproved land. The Solar Farm Developers industry consists of companies that  install and build solar power grid systems. This are called solar farms on a utility scale. The work consists of mining new work and rebuilds just to name a few. The solar industry is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in the United States. It creates clean, dependable and economical electricity to power over  2.2 million homes. The industry has developed more than 11,000 new American jobs and provided billions of dollars into the U.S. economy. 

All solar hands on deck 

The Solar Farm Developers industry has grown exponentially over few years. Demand for new solar farms has been high and supported by government incentives. One of the more well known incentives is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which backs private investment into solar technologies by offering tax credits. With these government  incentives, solar farms are being built at accelerating rates over the past five years. Solar technology is not yet cost-competitive with other types of energy used in electricity generation. Capital costs that have dropped have expanded the industry’s profit margins. 

The solar farm developers industry in the U.S. is worth approximately $10bn, with an estimated growth rate of 46.5 percent. At this time, there are about 80 registered and licensed solar farm developer businesses in the country. These farms employ about 9,027 people. It’s definitely an industry that plays a vital role  in the business world and in our homes simply because it is one eco – friendly way of generating power.

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