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Chase OliverMarch 2, 2023 609 1

HahaSmart’s back office is a popular tool with our EPCs. With the latest update, homeowners can access our popular HahaSmart program with their user portal.

Homeowners can go to the dashboard/ project page on their own and will have everything they need on one account, which makes it easy for you the EPC as the homeowner will feel supported. This feature is a collaborative experience with the homeowner remotely via the HahaSmart portal. Your entire history is saved for easy reference.

Any project updates will also be sent to anyone else involved in the project (ie, homeowner, co-signer, EPC) via text message or email. Homeowners will have the ability to take notes and keep track of any live documents on their portal.

If EPC has a job with HahaSmart, HahaSmart will automatically create the homeowner account for your customer and send to them via email/SMS. Your customers will be able to see the projects that you have currently going on. This allows you to dialogue with your customers on your current project directly. HahaSmart’s goal is to connect the homeowner with the EPCs in the process and make it so that you can keep updated with the projects as it is going on.

With access to these tools, they will almost feel like they are the Solar Pro. These tools make it easier for you the EPC to keep a transparent open dialogue from the project to start to finish. Homeowners will even be able to access to our HahaSmart customer service team. 

This latest feature is still being updated, and be sure to follow HahaSmart’s blogs for when we update this feature.

Follow HahaSmart on all our social media platforms for updates on these features. Have any questions? Contact our customer service team at 818-921-6015

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