HahaSmart takes the GoodLeap Part 2

Chase OliverFebruary 9, 20232390

HahaSmart has now fully integrated with GoodLeap and is ready to showcase our new user interface. 

In a previous blog, we showcased how you can integrate your GoodLeap account with Please go check out that blog to learn how you can apply for the GoodLeap loan and integrate with HahaSmart.

Now we have integrated HahaSmart with GoodLeap. Just like last time there is no cost to integrate your GoodLeap account with

These are the benefits of using the HahaSmart cashflow channel with GoodLeap as you’re able to do these things.

  1. You can submit the application for the Goodleap loan with one click, right from the HahaSmart LoanApplication section or under their online pipeline.

  2.  Your customer will get their credit decision immediately in the same browser window. 

  3. On the loan detail page, you can submit stipulation documents and enjoy an easy loan management process from the very beginning to NTP.

  4. HahaSmart will automatically pass all customer and project information over to Goodleap, eliminating the time, effort, and potential for error associated with repeat data entry. 

  5. HahaSmart PM team and IT support team are ready to serve you and make your loan a success

The interface is now much more familiar to those who use GoodLeap and we make it easier to manage your loan and show your loan status with the new user interface.

This change is to help EPCs become Solar Pros with our HahaSmart platform and make our Cashflow program which is always a popular service even better. With HahaSmart and GoodLeap we want to take your project management to the next level. For full details please click here.

Follow HahaSmart on all our social media platforms for updates on these features. Have any questions? Contact our customer service team at 818-921-6015

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